About us

DaeYoung E&C Co., Ltd is a professional construction company which owns the highest technology in Korea in the field of professional construction of Mechanical & Electric facility including Fire fighting and  Telecommunication works.

We have grown centering on reliability in addition to accumulation of technology based on long time experiences and know-how for over 35 years since its foundation in 1978 and famous buildings we have constructed such as In-cheon International Airport in Young-jong-Do, Supreme Court Building, Doosan Tower of Dong-dae-mun, Hyundai Department Store, Hospital of E-wha Women’s University in Mok-Dong and etc are all recognized as the best quality by both of ourselves and others. We also established the company in Vietnam  2011 and we have been doing works with best quality.

In addition, we are developing and progressing as a leading company in the industry based on firm goals of  our business management unique for Daeyoung in the era of global competition and we are doing our best efforts in order to provide our customers with only the highest quality through quality management policy and Z-4 movement of the company.

As the result of these continuous efforts of directors and employees of the company, we had already received commendation of Minister of Science and Technology and designation as a promising small and medium business in 1987 by introducing all automatic duct manufacturing system.

In 1997, we had acquired ISO 9002 certification and in 2003, our quality was recognized by acquiring ISO 9001(2000) / KSA 9001:2001 certification from TUV.

We will continue our efforts in the future without interruption for pursuing the highest instead of the best. In order to build living environment satisfactory for the humankind based on trust with customers and technical competitiveness we have accumulated until now and stable financial structure.

Please watch our development with your constant affection and interest.



                                    PARK JOON CHUL